ABC: Zebra Cookies

We are back to our monthly ABC choice.  This time it was cookies.  Out of all the desserts out there cookies are not high on my list of likes (not like fruit desserts), unlike Tom and the little man that love them.

Since we been eating cake for the past months, this was a change of pace, and was looking forward to them.  Plus as soon as I said cookies were in the baking list over the weekend, the house erupted in cheers.

Me thinks there was an itsy-bitsy hint in there somewhere…

Once more I wish that this book would have more pictures with it’s recipes, it’s hard to “visualize” the end product and while Flo’s instructions are super detail, sometimes it’s just too much and I get lost in translation with them.

I had to read the steps more than a couple of times before I fully comprehended how to set the dough up in order to have them come out with the perfect zebra stripes.

If you check out the other ABC’s post, you are going to see agreement all around that the easiest part is making the dough. 

It does come together quite fast.

The time consuming is rolling it out and stacking and fitting it in the pan.  Hard to believe this, but out of my gazillion pan collections, I don’t own a single square pan.  (Time for a little shopping don’t you think?).  So, I opted for doing this free hand.  Nothing a good ruler and eye cannot do.  I soon had my square stacked and then I made sure to cover it in wrap and into the refrigerator to chill. 

While it calls to chill it at least 4 hours, I opted for overnight and Monday after work I got home from work and set to making triangles.  They looked so cute.  But I took my scrapes and made them in to a log and realized that the round cookies had a better “zebra” look than my triangles.  And it was to late for a redo.  But I did make a note on my book for next time.


They were ok, not good, not bad, just ok.  I was not wow by them at all.  Which is the first recipe that I have made from this book, which I will probably not repeat.  I felt the chocolate was quite strong, which was surprising since I used the mild cocoa in my pantry and did not go “dark”, and it overpowers the vanilla flavor.

It was no surprise that the sintiment was confirmed by Tom, he even told me “You can take these to work with you”. Which means in code language that he did not like them.

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