HCB: Karmel Cake

As I write this, I’m having the last piece of this cake.

Yep, we finish this off already.  It’s that good.

I got to be honest, when I saw this recipe in the book; I was not “wowed” by it at all.  It just seem like any other plain cake – no big deal.

I should have knows that Rose does not do “no big deal” - every single cake is a big deal and this one is one of those.  Hidden in its simplicity your end results is a stand out cake, it does not even need frosting or cream or anything - Rose does recomend to serve it with some coffee cream, I recomend to eat it plain because sometimes plain is good for the soul - this is one of those times.

The most complicated part of it is making the caramel and most of us had plenty of practice in working with sugar and fire – case in point, the individual pineapple upside down cake, the Caramelized Pineapple Pudding Cakes, the Caramel Ganache on the Layer Chocolate Cake and a couple of more.  Rose does like her caramel.  But, I don’t recall making it where all of the ingredients went into the saucepan at once.  Butter, brown sugar and the milk are cooked until they reached the temperature mark in the thermometer, then the rest of the milk is added and the whole thing is left to rest for an hour until cooled. 

The batter for the cake came together super fast as well.  I was even tempted to not even use my hand mixer just mix it by hand with a whisk, but then I saw the butter, and the handmixer came out.  The dry ingredients gets mixed, then soften butter and cool caramel gets added to the mixture, and finally the eggs along with the vanilla extract and before you know it, you are pouring it on the prepare baking pan and closing the oven door.

25 minutes later, out comes this beautiful, amber color cake.  After ten minutes you unmold it and let it cool completely down.

And try to ignore it with all your might.

Tom and I gave up at the hour mark and each had a piece as a midnight snack.

And then as an early, EARLY sunday morning (1am) snack.

Then… a breakfast piece.  (side note, it goes great with your morning latte!).

And for dessert after our lunch.

Of course as an afternoon snack after planting my herb garden today.

And because I needed to wash the serving dish, the last piece as I write this.

Did I mention we loved the cake?

Really? What gave it away?

I’m going to even give you a bit of a present, and point you to a location where you can find the recipe so you can jump on this cake as fast as you can click print.