This is what I call a nice "teaser" - another way for you guys to come back soon.

I know, that posting has been sporadic as of late.

I got nobody to blame, but myself.  Because my kitchen has been on fire.  How on fire? Well I have 4 recipes that have been made, photographed and now they are sitting waiting for the post to go along with it.

Count this post as a teaser of what is to come in the next few days.

You are welcome.

We will start with my one of my favorite recipes from my mother.  Her stove top meatloaf, yes you can make meatloaf on the stove -  its easy, its fast and the end results the best meatloaf you have ever tasted.

Trust me on this.

Then this past weekend Tom and I were all set to have a Paella party.  I been itching to make paella for a couple of months now, maybe because there is a brand new “paellera” pan sitting on my kitchen shouting “USE ME!”.  And after much planning we finally decided this weekend was it… except, the weather gods had another thing planned and instead sent us 8 days of non-stop rain.


And Saturday was no exception. So Paella was put back on the list and instead I decided to do my mother’s Arroz con Pollo recipe.

As you can see my mother’s recipes were getting a workout around my kitchen.  

Her Arroz con Pollo is our family go-to recipe when any major event takes place.  Birthday party - arroz con pollo.  Promotions at work - arroz con pollo.  Big anouncements - arroz con pollo (oh, yeah no big announcements guys).

Trust me.

And as soon as I get my “stuff” together, I will post each of the recipes along with more yummy pictures.

Oh, and there is a cake recipe in there too.