HCB: Marble Velvet Cake

I know I tease you all with posting my mama’s Stove meatloaf and Arroz con Pollo recipe. But as we all know, eating dessert first is the ultimate nauty thing to do… so I figure we can start with the sweet stuff first.

This past week, the Heavenly Cake Bakers had a free choice week.  Meaning you get to bake anything that you passed on by the first time around.

I was not going to bake anything this past weekend.

I was lazy, and was reading this, which keep me rooted in place

Then of course Sunday night came around and I started to get the notice on my blog reader from my fellow bakers and their creations.

I stumbled onto Hanaa’s post about, her choice, the Marble Velvet Cake… and the “I want-cake-right-now” cravings started in earnest.

It took me less than 2 minutes (distance time from my computer to the refrigerator) to start taking out butter, sour cream, eggs and everything in the ingredient list to make the cake.

I baked it in two loaf pans, since my reasoning was to eat one and freeze the other one to eat the following week, just in case the cake cravings kicked in again. 

The cake came together super easily; I did not even use the KA, but instead choose to use the handheld beater.  I did have “mmm” moment, since the batter was pretty dense and thick and I thought this was going to come out as a very heavy pound cake.  I was wrong on that assumption.  The hardest part was making the “Marble” effect on the cake, you really never know what you are going to get until you cut into it… but I think next time I may be a bit bolder in the swirling of the batter.


Tom “Don’t you dare put the second one in the freezer, the first one is not going to last passed Tuesday, I can guarantee it”

He was right, by Wednesday, we had started on the second loaf cake.  The cake came out light, full of nice crumbs and the perfect marriage of vanilla and chocolate flavor cake.  While the recipe calls to make a chocolate ganache to drizzle over it, I loved it plain.  Perfect for morning snack with my coffee, or an afternoon sweet kick.

You can follow the rest of the bakers in my main chica Jenn’s blog, Knitty Baker too see what other sweet stuff they are serving up.

And if you want the recipe you can get it here