Hello Cheeky!


A couple of weeks ago, I crumbled and gave myself a present and bought a new camera.  It’s been months of a lot of reading, researching, getting feedback from everyone that had a camera and it came down to either the Nikon D7000 or the Sony a55.

Both excellent cameras, both had the goods to give me results that will wow the crowds, both held high reputations in the industry (even thought Sony is pretty new in the DSLR market) but when everything was said and done It came down to this:


The Sony was a better buy for the money.  At less than $1,000 dollars it offers me what the Nikon D7000 was giving me by paying $500 more.

And I could not be happier, I love, no let me re-write that LOVEEEEE the camera, the shutter speed is super fast, the interphase of the menu is easy and I love the feature that it has that every button has an explanation as to what it does, how it works and how to set it up.  It’s like the manual inside the camera.

I’m still learning tricks and how to handle it.  It feels weird to go from a small point and shoot to something that has all those belts and whistles.

And of course to go with it, I needed to get a nice little bag for it.  Again I searched high and low and I fell in love with the Epiphanie bag – lola.  Unfortunatly, I did fall OUT of love when I saw the price and the fact that I had to wait until September to get what I wanted.  I also contemplated getting it made from scratch and looked all over Etsy, but all the ones that I liked ended at the same price and again had to wait for it.

Can you tell I’m a bit impatient when it comes to getting things that I want.

Instant gratification.

I don’t apologized for it.

The searched continued and then… then

I stumbled across Cheeky Lime.

First I fell in love with the name.

Then I fell in love with the color of the bag in lime green.

Then I saw it in red.

I swooned and died

And then I took a peek at the price.

$98 bucks with FREE SHIPPING

Hello LOVER!

Guess what I got today in the mail?

It’s so pretty, and bright.

It makes me so happy, just to look at it.

Red, it’s now my all time favorite color.

And it protects one of my biggest investments.

My new camera.