Snap Thursday - Rufus Dufus

I’m totally high jacking this idea. 

My main chica, Jenn over at Knitty Baker is celebrating her new camera and got the bright idea of designating Thursdays as the day of documenting via photos what she find interesting, and amusing and all with a click of her camera.

Insert thought here :::GREAT IDEA, I should have thought of that!:::

But, I did not, so I asked her if I could totally join her and she totally agreed… so here is my first snap Thursday.

I give you our 190-pound baby of the house – Rufus.

Yes, ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY POUNDS - he weights 30 pounds more than me!  He is basically a walking human with fur and four legs.

We adore him.  Because, he scares people away, but he has the biggest baby heart you can ever imagine.  In his mind he is still a puppy and acts like one.

In this picture he is patrolling our front porch, while I was yelling for him to “stay in place!” - Fun times!