ABC: Nut-Crusted Chocolate-Banana Swirl Cake

I have not posted anything with my baking group from ABC in so long; I’m surprised to see I’m still part of it!

Thank you Hanaa for keeping me in the fold and not kicking me out to the curve.

For 2012, the ABC bakers decided to bake from Abigail Johnson Dodge, The Weekend Baker and she was kind enough to pick our inaugural recipe.

She describes this as an “elegant brunch coffee cake” and after making it today, I could not agree more.

I planned to do this cake back in late December in order to have it ready to post in our early January schedule.

Then, life; sort of happened and this fell through the cracks.

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ABC: Apricot-Almond-Berry Buckle

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I sang the praises of the yumylisious Lemon-Scented Pull-Apart Coffee cake?

The one that I have baked 4 6 times and made me embrace my inner conflicted relationship with yeast and rolling pins.

Well, I was so impress that I ran out and bough Flo Braker book "Baking for All Occasions.  Because I knew that if she could pull that off with a coffee cake, what else can she pull off?

Afterwards, I got a shout out from a fellow HCB baker, Hannaa from Hanaa’s Kitchen who along with her friend Wafae launched a monthly baking project called the ABC of the Month, which stand for “Avid Baker’s Challenge of the month”.  The concept is to choose a book and to bake from it and post the results on the first Tuesday of each month.  Guess which book they choose to with in 2010?

uh, yeah...I joined them faster than you can type – “I’m in!”

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HCB: Lemon Meringue Cake


“With this cake I thee wed.”

 Apparently all I needed to do for Tom to propose to me was to make this cake. 

This week’s Heavenly Cake Baker choice was the Lemon Meringue Cake.  Think lemon Meringue pie in form of a cake and you pretty much will have the idea of how this cake will end up tasting. My hat off to Rose for turning a popular pie to an AMA-Zing cake.

After a couple of weeks of chocolate overdrive, we were all waiting for this cake.  But, nobody was waiting for this cake more than Tom was.  Since he tasted the Baby Lemon Cheesecake, he is now on “red” alert every time something has the code world “lemon” in it.  So, when he saw my baking calendar (yes I do have one posted) and read what choice cake we had this week, he started the lemon cake shakedown:

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