HCB: Plum and Blueberry Upside-down Torte

Tom is in high heaven right now… for the past 2 weeks I have prepare sweets that are dear to his taste buds. Lemon cake, Apricot-Almond Berry Buckle and now this upside-down Torte.

I almost did not make this cake.  For some unknown reason I keep thinking that the Chocolate Feather Bed was the next cake and that this one was due the following week.

I think I was just blocking it out from my head, because we had had way to much fruit in my baking of late and I was pretty over it.

So when I read Marie’s Last Cake, Next cake recap and realized my mistake, I was all “oh man, another fruit cake - crap!”.

I was not looking forward to this one, but it was on the list and it had blueberries in it and Tom goes ga-ga over blueberries, so someone was going to be happily eating cake this weekend.

I did not even half the recipe - I figure lets overload him on fruit and he will eventually shout “ENOUGH!”. At least that was my strategy and I was sticking to it.

I started by making the decision to use my cast iron pan, I did not want to do the “do it here and then pour it there” dance.

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