Calling all cooks! {and giveaway}

I have been thinking of jump starting my “savory” cooking side of the blog.  If you have been visiting for a while, you realized that sweets make more of an appearance than savory dishes around these parts. One of the reasons for this is the fact that I participate in different baking clubs and they keep me in line when it comes to being accountable in posting my sweets creations.

Unfortunately, the only thing that keeps me accountable in savory cooking is Tom and the fact that we have to eat dinner every night - mmm, ok, maybe every other night – for the most part we live off cereal, going out to restaurants and our level of laziness that day.

I need to change that, because just like I love baking, I love cooking just as much, if not even more.  So, I have been thinking the only way to do this is to make myself accountable as well and to accomplish that (and make it fun) I been itching to start my own little savory cook-along club.

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