Calling all cooks! {and giveaway}

I have been thinking of jump starting my “savory” cooking side of the blog.  If you have been visiting for a while, you realized that sweets make more of an appearance than savory dishes around these parts. One of the reasons for this is the fact that I participate in different baking clubs and they keep me in line when it comes to being accountable in posting my sweets creations.

Unfortunately, the only thing that keeps me accountable in savory cooking is Tom and the fact that we have to eat dinner every night - mmm, ok, maybe every other night – for the most part we live off cereal, going out to restaurants and our level of laziness that day.

I need to change that, because just like I love baking, I love cooking just as much, if not even more.  So, I have been thinking the only way to do this is to make myself accountable as well and to accomplish that (and make it fun) I been itching to start my own little savory cook-along club.

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Chili-Grilled Eggplant and Sweet Roasted Pepper Tartlets in Poppy Seed Shells

Tom and I love to have dinner parties.  Mainly because Tom knows that I like to cook up a storm and then sit back and accept all the praises that our guest will send my our way.

I’m crazy and he loves me – what can I say.

On the last dinner party, we had his best friend and his wife over.  We had them numerous times before and they are the type of dinner guest that will pretty much eat anything we put in front of them.

I call it having an adventurous palate.

I love cooking for them.

And the best part? The best friend wife is a vegetarian who lately is venturing into the raw food movement.  Which means that she forces me to be an adventurous cook - the best kind if you ask me.

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Luscious Oven-Braised Short Ribs

If you visit this site enough time, you probably wondering is I ever even cook savory stuff.

Let me put that to rest.

I do cook savory stuff, actually LOTS of savory dishes.  Except that most is done at night, during the weekdays and after a long day at work.  I tend to get home, drop everything in the dining room table and get to work on creating a fast dinner.  And of course, every single time I forget to take pictures of what I’m doing.

It’s more about feeding our empty bellies than documenting the process. We are hungry people!

I know.  And I hear you loud and clear. I have to get better with it and get in the grove of things and think like a good blogger and snap away during the meal preparation. I'm working on it.

But this I have to share.

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