GCC: Menu 3 - Empanadas and White Bean Soup

I had a surprise this weekend.  One of my friends that I have known for years was close to my side of town and decided to hop over to visit me and meet Tom.  I also got to meet her brand new husband as well.  Someone that I heard about for a while, but never had the opportunity to meet.

I’m talking about the duo that make up  SamCyn’s Edible Adventure blog.   Cynthia and I use to be co-workers when I lived in Miami, so we known each other a VERY LONG time.  We have keep in touch over the years, and she is a recent newlywed. I did know it at the time but, she keep tabs on me over the years by reading my personal blog and then Sweetbites.  And when I started the Gutsy Cooks Club, she totally jumped in with both hands in the air and dragged her very cute, sweet husband into the fold.

A couple of weeks ago, she sent me an email that they were going to be close by and if Tom and I had nothing planned, they wanted to stop by for a visit.  This time it was my turn to jump in with both hands in the air and sound off a hearty “YES!”, and promptly dragged along my boyfriend for the ride. The men in our lives have no say so in these type of matters.

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