Daring Cooks Challenge: March 2010- Risotto

And since I’m now in 2 baking clubs.. I needed to balance the scales a bit and I decided to give the Daring Kitchen a try, so I have become a Daring Cook.


I know the madness never ends.


Tom loves it, because well he is eating more than he has ever eaten before.  And I love it because it’s forcing the lazy side of me to cook on a regular basis.  And being daring in the kitchen at the same time.


The March Daring Cooks challenge was hosted by Eleanor of Melbourne food Geek and Jess of Jess the baker.  The challenge was to make our own stock from scratch and of course as many variations of risotto that we could come up using the risotto base.  The various components of their challenge recipe are based on imput from teh Australian Masterchef cookbook and the cookbook Moorish by Greg Malouf.


I’m Italian.  So this was right up my alley for me.

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