GCC: Menu 1 - Baked BBQ Wings and Potato Skins with Cheddar and Bacon

And the inaugural post for Gutsy Cooks Club has finally arrived!

A couple of months back I decided that I needed a kick in the butt with my savory cooking.  I was finding myself baking more and more, but my savory cooking was taking a back seat.  I needed an incentive, and thus the Gutsy Cooks Club was born.  As of today, we have a total of nine Gutsy Cooks and that talent pool is awesome, I can not wait to see what we cook up.

Some have been blogging for a bit, some started their blog when they joined us, but all of us have the same goal, to cook, learn and to share our experiences.  You can too, by going here and seeing the roll call and visiting each of their blogs.

The month of October menu was decided by yours truly, and I got to come clean.With over 1,000 recipes in The Illustrated Kitchen Bible Cookbook to choose from, it was HARD, very, very hard to narrow them down.  So I did the next best thing.  I simply closed my eyes, open a random page and picked by placing my finger in the page.  Where ever it landed, that was the recipe of the week.
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