HCB: White Gold Passion Génoise

About a week ago, I sent my main chica, Jenn an e-mail letting her know that my participation in HCB was going to be very limited or even non-existent moving forward. Due to tremendous load of work at my job, everything in my life has sort of taken a backseat including my baking. I just did not have time to commit to the weekly baking schedule.

Then of course I read her Last Cake, Next Cake post and saw that the next cake was the White Gold Passion Génoise.

She had me at: Passion Fruit.

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HCB: Apple Upside-Down Cake

And I’m back baking from Rose’s Heavenly Cakes.  We are in the last stretch, and the last couple of weeks nothing in the line up has made me run to the kitchen to bake, making my HBC participation the last thing on my to do list the last couple of months. 

I blame it on the fact that everyone is feeling the inferno that the weather god is sending our way this summer with those 100+ temperatures.  Who in their right mind want’s to turn the oven on when it’s like a gazillion degrees outside?

But, this week was free choice and I wanted to bake – because well, I’m crazy!  I have a love-hate relationship with the “free choice” options.  In one end, I love it because I get to choose what I’m going to bake, in the other; I hate it because I get to choose what I’m going to bake.  I dislike having so many choices – give me 3 and I can make a decision, give me over 3 and I become this indecisive puddle of doubt.   I ended up having to call Tom and ask him to narrow it down.

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HCB: Marble Velvet Cake

I know I tease you all with posting my mama’s Stove meatloaf and Arroz con Pollo recipe. But as we all know, eating dessert first is the ultimate nauty thing to do… so I figure we can start with the sweet stuff first.

This past week, the Heavenly Cake Bakers had a free choice week.  Meaning you get to bake anything that you passed on by the first time around.

I was not going to bake anything this past weekend.

I was lazy, and was reading this, which keep me rooted in place

Then of course Sunday night came around and I started to get the notice on my blog reader from my fellow bakers and their creations.

I stumbled onto Hanaa’s post about, her choice, the Marble Velvet Cake… and the “I want-cake-right-now” cravings started in earnest.

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