ABC: Glazed Cinnamon Rolls

I started writing this post last Sunday.

This final post is not what the original post was.  The original post was much longer, full of explanations and key points and well, you know how I can ramble on and on.

Just so you know, I’m like that in real life too.

But, I was feeling it. I was in the writing “zone” - the one where it’s flowing and flowing and you are typing happily away.

Then about the third paragraph down, I stopped, because I got side tracked by a 180 pound dog tearing into the house full of soap and water.

Apparently Rufus, had gotten away from Tom during his bath time.  And that dog made sure that we knew how much he hates bath time.

The mess people… THE.MESS!

So, after A LOT of cleaning and a bit of yelling, I just could not get back into the writing “zone”.

I gave a couple of more yells at Rufus, saved it, and figure I would work on it Monday.

Monday… came and went.

I opened it on Tuesday, but got side tracked when I started to look up tablescapes in Pinterest for the wedding.

Yesterday, I opened, but then remembered that I had an episodes of Downton Abby, Top Chef  (team Beverly!) and Alcatraz.

Sorry post.

Today, I told myself.  z’Make it fast and quick, liking ripping a Band-Aid.”

So here is my quick post.

My ABC club option for this month was Cinnamon Rolls.  Never made them.  Tom and the little man love them, ‘specially the ones in Ikea, where we go and get them – so I don’t have to make them.

After doing these, I have been told that the Ikea ones SUCK and from now on I need to make these or else.

This was from the 10-yearl old.

The forty-year old, just nodded his head and keep on eating his third bun.

I have been warned.  Just like you guys, because these are delicious.  So much so that secretly I will probably be making them again instead of counting on Ikea to take care of this craving.

You can get the recipe by buying the book , or you can get it here.

Either way – it’s a win-win. Because you are going to be eating these so fast your head will spin!

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