ABC: Glazed Cinnamon Rolls

I started writing this post last Sunday.

This final post is not what the original post was.  The original post was much longer, full of explanations and key points and well, you know how I can ramble on and on.

Just so you know, I’m like that in real life too.

But, I was feeling it. I was in the writing “zone” - the one where it’s flowing and flowing and you are typing happily away.

Then about the third paragraph down, I stopped, because I got side tracked by a 180 pound dog tearing into the house full of soap and water.

Apparently Rufus, had gotten away from Tom during his bath time.  And that dog made sure that we knew how much he hates bath time.

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TWD: Raisin Swirl Bread

I'm afraid of bread making or specifically anything that uses yeast.

There I came clean.  Yep, using yeast scares me, maybe because I just don't feel comfortable with the whole poofing process and the kneading and if I have to take out the rolling pin and measure to get everything perfectly square or rectangular or round... I just break out in hives.

So of course when I saw the choice for Tuesday with Dorie, that Susan of had chosen I said a little prayer and then had a bit doubts which turned into a full blown conversation with my bad-ass self telling me to get a grip and reminded me that "I did no join a baking club to sit and do the baking that I'm comfortable doing!" 

So of course I had to do this.  Be one with the yeast and conquer my fears.

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