Caramel Cake and bonus Caramel Sauce

You would think that after almost a year of baking with Heavenly Cake bakers I would be prepared for any issues that baking and frosting a cake can throw at me.  I was wrong; because the baking gods continue to keep me humble by once in a while just hurling a tiny-itsy bitty curve ball that will explode into a curse fest in my kitchen.

It all started when I took a peek at last month’s issue of Saveur magazine and saw they were featuring southern cakes.
Oh my heart did a happy dance when I opened my mailbox and totally skipped everything to read the article and see the pretty cake pictures.  I’m a huge fan of homemade cakes;the ones that are passed down from generation to generation. Yes, I do appreciate the fancy cakes. But, the homemade ones hold my heart.

So when I hosted a “Chica Brunch” at my house a couple of weeks ago, and one of the guests was celebrating her birthday,  I decided to surprise her with a small cake.  Since I knew she had the same love affair with caramel as me, there really was no choice but to make the cake in the article.

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