Food Blog Forum Atlanta – Take two!

After 2 days of basically living with my Kleenex box clutched to myself and glasses upon glasses of liquid and very good, knock you out, cold medicine - I’m out of bed.  I still do not feel 100%, but there is so much sleeping and bad TV I can take – Bravo I’m looking at you, no more Housewives nonsense and shame on you for getting me hooked to Rachel Zoe.

When I stared to write about the Food Blog Forum Conference, I thought of giving you a long longer post about everything that happen in Atlanta, but with over 100 bloggers in attendance, I’m sure most have already seen plenty of recaps about how much fun we had, how much information we got from all of the great speakers, the amazing food we all ate (I’m so craving those pork belly tacos from chef Kevin Rathbun, which I’m totally going to duplicate) and the great goodies in our swag bags, which I had to ship separately because there was no way I could come up with an valuable explanation for the knife at ATL airport.

But, I do want to give out a shout to the amazing people I had the pleasure of meeting and what stayed with me from each one of them.  Let’s start with the obvious ones:

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Food Blog Forum Altanta

This past weekend I took off to Atlanta, GA to attend the first east coast Food Blog Forum conference.  It was organized by the talented Gwen of BunkyCooks and hosted by Todd & Diane from White on Rice, and Jaden from Steamy Kitchen, which co-founded the Food Blog Forum site.

I have tons to tell, tons of blogger to give a shout out to, because I meet so many talented food blogger that my head was just spinning from the overload of being in a room full of people that I totally wanted in my “tribe”.

But, it will have to wait, because along with great and I mean GREAT swag bags from sponsors like Whole Foods, and Chefs, and Bella Cucina and so many more, I also brought home with me a huge cold - I guess running from Trader Joe’s to the car on Saturday night during the thunderstorm was NOT such a good idea.