HCB: Gold Ingots {Financiers}

This past weekend I have been up to my ears in flour, butter, sugar, spatulas, and every single piece of baking equipment in my kitchen.

In order words, I think I have baked myself OUT.

Is that even possible?

I think it may be.  And just like my vast weekend-baking, there is going to be a substantial amount of posting to cover all of it.

So let’s start with the easy one.  This weeks Heavenly Cake Baker’s choice was the Gold Ingots.  Or better knows as Financiers, or at our house: “those little cakey-thingy’s-that are-yummy”

I kid you not, that is what we are calling them.  Nobody can say Financiers and Tom refuses to call them Ingots, because he said that he is not eating a bar of molted gold. (I cannot make these things up – trust me.  My house = Crazy).

But, I’m getting off topic here.  Back to the cakey-thingy’s-that are-yummy.

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HCB: Peanut Butter Ingots

This week’s recipe almost did me in.  I have no idea why something as simple as this brought me to my knees.

But as Marie mention before, we tend to get cocky after we bake a complicated cake.  And well, I was cocky going into this one. I read the recipe a couple of times, so I knew the steps going in.  This was a quick and easy.  It was only cooking the batter, no frosty, no glaze.  How hard could it be?

Well, it started with me looking for the mold to bake them in. 

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