TWD: Sweet Cream Biscuits


If you follow along this blog, you know that for the last couple of weeks it has been all about cakes, and sweets, frosting and chocolate.

Frankly, I had been so tired to post anything else, beside my baking club commitments.  And let me tell you I have some good savory stuff up my sleeves.

So, after looking at the choice made by Melissa of Love at First Bite, I was ready to do this.  My first from scratch biscuits!  After a couple of weekend of cakes, I was ready for something that had nothing to do with frosting a cake.

I need to come clean; I’m a can-a-biscuit cook.  Yep, buy a can, pop open the can, bake and out to the table they go.  In fact, biscuit in my house are not very common; we prefer to cook arepas for the weekend breakfast fare.  But, when they are requested, the dough boy goes a long way in making things a bit easy in the CP household.

So, after an early rise on Sunday morning, I set up my ingredients and got cracking.

The recipe is not difficult, the hard part (at least for me) was to follow the advice and “try to touch the dough the least amount of times as possible”

I think I failed on this step.  Because, my end results were not flaky and puffy biscuits, instead they came out a bit hard and did not puff up all that much.

So much for “NOT” touching.

The flavor was good.  I did not have a biscuit cutter, so I use a glass, I made sure to measure it out and it worked well, since ended with the perfect size biscuits, not too big, not too small, just the right bite size.

Perfect for stuffing them whole in your mouth.  (Gasp! our barbaric ways need a bit of polish).

We load them up with butter and jam for our breakfast.  Tom took it up a notch and covered them with honey and gobble up about 10 of them.  Later on the day, I used the rest to make mini ham and cheese biscuit sandwiches for lunch – the little man love them.

I will try this one again, mainly because it’s not a hard recipe to make.  But mainly because I want to work on my “not touching” techniques


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