GCC: Croissant

I have had the croissants on my kitchen bucket list for a bit now.  It’s one of those recipes that scared me; mostly because it seems like it is so hard to do, but, when you do get to them, you realize that is not that they are hard, it’s that they are TIME CONSUMING. Two totally different things.

Two days for these to be done.


And believe me; I looked all over the Internet for a short cut.

No dice. Nada, Zip. Croissant making HAS NO short cut. They take time, period.

A lot of time. And a lot of waiting.

Oh.my.god – THE.WAITING!

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Sweet Kitchen Tips 11

And since I got myself on the road to pie making here is a couple of tricks that I found make things much easier.  Trial and error folks, the best teacher.

The first thing I learn was that sometimes even the most planned mixing can leave your dough too dry and crumbly (refer to the empanada post and you know will know what I’m talking about) when you start to roll it out.  But, the cardinal rule to pie making - DON’T OVERWORK THE DOUGH, meaning, the less you mix the better it will be.  So what to do? 

Get yourself a spray bottle full of ice water, and use it to sprint the dough when you need a bit more to make it soft.  This method distributes just the right amount making it unlikely you will add to much.

and if you are rolling along …

and your dough often sticks to the counter, adding more flour is not the best solution, since it can actually make the dough tough.  Instead, slide a pastry scraper under the dough every 30 seconds or so.  This way the dough never has a chance to stick, and it won’t tear when you need to move it.  If you don’t have a pastry scraper, you can use a metal ruler, which works just as well.

or you can go the route sandwich route…

Roll out the dough between sheets of parchment or plastic wrap paper.  And if your sandwiched package starts to roll away from you in the counter, place a nonstick silicone mat underneath to hold it in place and give you an additional smooth, stable rolling surface.

TWD: Sweet Cream Biscuits


If you follow along this blog, you know that for the last couple of weeks it has been all about cakes, and sweets, frosting and chocolate.

Frankly, I had been so tired to post anything else, beside my baking club commitments.  And let me tell you I have some good savory stuff up my sleeves.

So, after looking at the choice made by Melissa of Love at First Bite, I was ready to do this.  My first from scratch biscuits!  After a couple of weekend of cakes, I was ready for something that had nothing to do with frosting a cake.

I need to come clean; I’m a can-a-biscuit cook.  Yep, buy a can, pop open the can, bake and out to the table they go.  In fact, biscuit in my house are not very common; we prefer to cook arepas for the weekend breakfast fare.  But, when they are requested, the dough boy goes a long way in making things a bit easy in the CP household.

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