TWD: Burned Sugar Ice Cream

Funny, how this week’s choices in both of my baking clubs force me to do things that I have never thought I would do in baking.   

In one I spun sugar, to form a beautiful ball of caramel ball to top a stunning trifle and with this recipe I got to finally used my ice cream maker.

The one that has been with me for over 15 years.

And I have NEVER, EVER use.


This week’s choice was made by Becky from Project Domestication, who must have known we were slowly melting down here in Florida and needed something to cool our self down.  So she sent us all to make Burned Sugar Ice Cream.  You can find the recipe on her blog, or page 432 in the Dorie's book, that you can purchase here.

After 2 whole days of baking, stirring and spinning sugar, I was going to call in a pass with the Tuesdays with Dorie group.  But, then Tom and I had this conversation:

Me: "God, I’m so tired, I just can not bring myself to see any more baking ingredients."

Tom: “Wait! (Looking at my baking schedule calendar – yes, I HAVE ONE) was today not the ice cream recipe choice day?

Me: :::Trying to look away::: “ah, yeah.. I think so, but I’m thinking of taking a pass, plus, I’m late as it is already”

Tom:  “Oh hell to the no.  How long have we known each other?”

Me: "2 years, couple of months"

Tom: “and what food do I love more than anything in this world”?

Me: "Pasta!"

Tom: “Monica….” :::giving me the look::

Me: “ok, ok... Ice cream”

Tom: “right, and what type of ice cream I choose more than any other?”

Me: “Caramel”

Tom: “and does not Burn Sugar means basically caramel?”

Me: “Yes”

Tom: “so? your point is?”

Me: “so, what? I’m still tired!” (I can be very convincing, but he was having none of it)

Tom: “this should not take you more than 20 minutes to whip up!”

Me: “but, but… “(I had nothing).

::: I started to look for the ice cream machine:::

So I set out to whip this up in yes, less than 20 minutes.  If I’m honest with myself, the standing over the stove waiting for the sugar to caramelized and then stirring it once the milk, cream, egg yolks were added until it thicken relaxed me (Don’t tell Tom that!).  The next step is to chill the custard and into the ice cream maker it goes.

Turn on the switch and let the machine do the rest.

Mine took about 30 minutes in the machine to come to a smooth, cold consistency.  I then pour into a plastic container.  Set it back in the freezer and forgot about it until last night.

I served 2 scoops on top of a wafer cone and gave to Tom to hold while I took pictures for this post.  He was able to wait for a total of 4 pictures, before declaring that it was melting and he needed to remedy the situation.

By the time I turned around to tell him to hold his horses, he was licking the ice cream.

And right there and there realized that my future was written and there was no turning back.  Buying ice cream at the supermarket was going to be a thing of the pass.

Because,this was easy and it was so good. 

Not too sweet, with the right consistency of creamy (THANK GOOD FOR HIGH FAT WHIPPING CREAM!) and smooth texture, almost velvety-like. The caramel taste was just right, almost like a mild Dulce de Leche flavor, but a bit stronger, which I think was due to the adding of salt to the custard...  I ate 1 scoop – I’m not a big ice cream eater.  But, Tom!  I had to pull the plastic container out of his hands! 

He has now told me that he wants Chocolate ice cream, and pistachio, and lemon, and… basically I created a moster….

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