Pork Cutlets with Tarragon-Mustard Sauce

When I was much younger, I use to belong to those monthly cooking clubs that would send you a pack of recipes every month divided by categories:  Meats, Cakes, Vegetables and so on and on.  They would send you a cheap plastic box holder with these colorful coded-code tabs and you end up collecting recipes cards, putting them in each of the slots until you end up with a lot of recipe cards.

After 20 plus years, I still have my plastic container, with about 500+ recipe cards.  During those 20 years I must have use this on and off, I was not a good fan of the cards,  they were laminated so you could not make any notes on them and once out of their plastic container I would easily lose them (I was not very organized back in those days).  Plus, once I discover cookbooks, these were put in a dark corner, never to be used again.

Why I still have them, I have no clue – call it nostalgic, I just cannot bring myself to give them away.

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