Tuna Crustless Quiche - Bouchons au Thon

Besides cooking the next thing that I love to do is read.  When I was younger, I would have my nose in a book pretty much every chance that I could get, which was pretty much every hour that I was not asleep. I was a huge sponge and read everything I could get my hands on.  The library became my favorite place, where I would spend hours looking for books to run home so I could open them and instantly be transported, without having to leave my chair to far away places, where I would meet people from all walks of life an, experience things that would be impossible to experience in real life.

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Salmon and Asparagus party Sandwiches

The last couple of weeks I have been dealing with some health issues and while everything turned out better than expected, there have been some adjustments, and cooking has been very low in the priority list.

That is why Sweetbites has been a bit “dark”, as they say in the theater.

Then I took a quick little weekend trip to NYC, to meet up with “my people” to do some major wedding planning.

Happy to say, that we accomplished tons in 4 days.  Colors are down, flow of event, flowers, décor, wedding dress! Hair, makeup and all the stuff that you think do not take time, until you actually start to talk about it.  We had a conversation about cake for hours.  Especially when I announced that I did not want one.

I had a major revolt from everyone in the room.  Which then erupted in cries that I was crazy and “how I could possibly NOT HAVE CAKE at the wedding”.  My MOH even went has far as telling me that she would not attend unless I had cake.

I had no choice guys.

I gave in.

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Poached Kingklip with Spicy Ginger Butter Sauce

I was craving a fish dish, which is not unusual, since I barely include meat in my diet. So, when I get these types of cravings I know my body is missing some type of nutrients that can only be satisfied with a heavy dose of protein. So when I stopped at the supermarket to buy carrots, I passed the fish counter and I took a peek.

And saw a nice filet of a fish that for all intent and purpose looked like grouper; but was way cheaper.

I asked the fish guys what it was and he responded with kingklip.

The hell?  So my next question was what type of fish was it? And his response was “it’s like a grouper.”

It was on sale, so off I went with my filet to ask the gods Google about kingklip. 

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