GCC: Fruit Stuffed Pork Loin

This past weekend I had every intention of doing this dish, except that I spend it running around doing errands and Saturday dinner turned into pizza.

Instead I decided, I would do it for Sunday’s dinner.

Sunday came and went and back in the refrigerator everything went. But, I made a mental vow that I was going to do this for our Monday night dinner no matter what.

I had doubts that this was going to work out for a quick meal, but once more, I realized that there is always a way.  And in less than 1 hour, I had it on the table for us to dig in.

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GCC: Chile with Cornbread Top

This past week Gutsy Cooks decided to join the masses and have open choice with our menu options and celebrate the upcoming Super Bowl madness.

The theme was to post our favorite game food.

Originally, we planned to have a couple of friends over for the game and that plan crashed and burned and it ended up being just us on a Sunday night.

Or actually just Tom, since I’m not a big football fan.

But, let me totally get off topic here and give a HUGE SHOUT to Madonna.  You ROCKED the halftime show…you still got it, you still made get up and VOUGE!

*cough, cough* Back to our main topic… our dinner.

I knew that we were not going be eating finger food, so the only option for a dinner was the Chili and that was my starting point.

I gutsied up the whole thing, omitted some stuff, added others and totally went rogue and built my chili as a Sheppard’s pie.  I wanted to bake some corn bread to go along with the chili and then had a light bulb moment and thought, why not add the corn bread ON TOP of the chili and bake it?

And that is what I did.

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Pork Cutlets with Tarragon-Mustard Sauce

When I was much younger, I use to belong to those monthly cooking clubs that would send you a pack of recipes every month divided by categories:  Meats, Cakes, Vegetables and so on and on.  They would send you a cheap plastic box holder with these colorful coded-code tabs and you end up collecting recipes cards, putting them in each of the slots until you end up with a lot of recipe cards.

After 20 plus years, I still have my plastic container, with about 500+ recipe cards.  During those 20 years I must have use this on and off, I was not a good fan of the cards,  they were laminated so you could not make any notes on them and once out of their plastic container I would easily lose them (I was not very organized back in those days).  Plus, once I discover cookbooks, these were put in a dark corner, never to be used again.

Why I still have them, I have no clue – call it nostalgic, I just cannot bring myself to give them away.

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