HCB: Chocolate Butter Cupcakes

Last weekend I tried to get away from the kitchen.  This weekend it was the total opposite, I cooked (and baked) up a storm (recipes coming!).

Unlike my savory dishes where it’s all about improvising and changing it up. Baking for me is about following directions.  I’m not very courageous when it comes to baking.  I  ALWAYS stick to the recipe religiously – if the recipe tells me to bake it in a 9 inch pan, I bake it in a 9 inch pan.  If it’s for a cake, then I bake a cake. If its for a tart, I bake a tart, or a pie or well, you get the picture.  I never deviate from the instructions. That is why, I’m one of those un-daring bakers that DO NOT convert a cake into cupcakes, or halves the recipe, or god forbid MULTIPLIES the recipe – Because: A) It means I have to do division and multiplication and anything that has to do with math!  (Which gets me in trouble – ALL THE TIME!) and B) I find a strange comfort in following the step by step and ending with the intended results - 99.9% of the time.

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