Bombolini filled with Vanilla Cream

Yes, this is a double whammy because you are getting another donut post.  After Tom laid praises on the Sweet Potato Donuts, I made the mistake of telling him, that the Bombolini would have been ten times better and he totally dared me to prove it.

He knows I cannot resist dates.  And I totally fell for it too.

I still stand behind my statement before that donuts are not one of my favorite sweets.  But the Bombolini holds a special place in my taste memory.

See, I have been eating these pillows of fried dough, filled with cream, since I can remember. In Venezuela, my mother would buy a big bag of them as a special treat from our local bakery as I was growing up.  My sister and I would gobble them up in seconds, licking our sugar-coated fingers and then wait patiently for the next special occasion to have them.

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