The Bake Brownies

I baked my first set of brownies when I was about 10 years old and we had just moved to the US.  We did not have anything like this dense cake in Venezuela, so upon my first taste of them, I was pretty hooked and ate A LOT of them.  And of course, like any 10 year old – my first brownie batch came from none other than a box.

I just cringe writing that.  Oh, if I could only go back in time and teach my 10 year old self a few things…

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ABC: All American Chocolate Cake with Divinity Frosting and Milk Chocolate Paint

After having crashed and burned on the last chocolate offering on my other baking clubs, this recipe, from the ABC choice of the month had a very high expectations even before I read the whole recipe.  

My reasoning behind it was that after having baked four recipes from Flo Braker book none have disappointed me.  So we were 4 for 4.  Can we make five?

My first tip to you is this.  Bake the cake a day ahead, while is NOT a complicated cake to make, and nowhere in the instructions does it tell you to do this, I’m going to highly recommend you do. The high crumb level on this cake will make frosting a bit of a mess.  So I opted to make the cake a day ahead and place in the refrigerator to chill.  When frosting time came, it was smooth sailing all the way.

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HCB: Sybil’s Pecan Torte with Coffee Cream

I have no idea what is going on with me, but I guess I have not been very inspired with the last couple of cakes.  I’m putting all the blame on the combination of the never-ending search for a new house, the pending house packing ahead of us (which I have not even started) and the actual move out date (still to be confirmed) that has me all bend out of shape.  The combination of all of this is totally affecting my baking mojo.

I think also the fact that the last couple of cakes in the HCB list have been all about nuts.

The cakes, not the people. 

And I think I'm totally over nuts.

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